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Grow your audience, create exciting content, and take your stream to the next level!



We are looking for talented people to show off and host live streams on your mobile device using the BIGO LIVE app. Singers, dancers, musicians, comedians, makeup artists, models, actors, social networkers, performers, and other artists are encouraged to apply!

Before You Audition



We coach streamers across the US and Canada!

Live Streaming Talent Management Agency

We want to help streamers become the creators they dream of being. Not only do we want to educate, but we also want to help you get paid!

We are a certified BIGO partner. BIGO was founded in Singapore in 2016 and is becoming well known and changing lives everywhere!

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Our team has had hundreds of hours of combined coaching experience, thousands of house streaming experience, millions of minutes watched, and the positive attitude you need.


Owner / Teacher & Lifestyle

41K Fans | 6M Beans | 7M Diamonds

As a long-time social chatter, I discovered this incredible BIGO LIVE app on a whim from a friend. I used my background in people management to form Vivid Visions Talent Agency.

I enjoy meeting people from all around the world and getting them excited about the app. I spend a lot of time teaching people all things BIGO and helping people succeed.

I created the BIGO Masterclass Show that provides any and everyone a chance to learn more about the app.

Ideal Last Meal on Earth:
My ideal last meal would be Mexican street tacos.

Officiating football, spending time with family, watching sports, and gaming


Admin / DJ & Lifestyle

9K Fans | 2M Beans | 440K Diamonds

Experience Live Streaming:
My live streaming experience has been diverse. I’ve met people from all around the world and have developed friendships and bonds that transcend the internet.

Favorite Live Moment:
My favorite live moment was when world-renowned DJ Whoo Kidd guest hosted during my open mic The Writer’s Block and played exclusive music by Kanye and Kendrick Lamar. He also gave feedback to the performers of the evening.

Ideal Last Meal on Earth:
My ideal last meal is cassava leaf and rice with Malta India to drink and a half dozen yeast donuts from Long’s Bakery in Indianapolis.

Writing, DJing, and playing video games


Admin / Socialite & Lifestyle

17K Fans | 19M Beans | 11M Diamonds

Experience Live Streaming:
I’ve been on BIGO since March of 2021! I’ve had an amazing experience on this app since I joined. Since then, I have been able to be a part of a great agency and connect with a great group of people I like to call family. During the pandemic, I was able to socialize, party, have fun, and find entertainment all while being stuck inside the house. Now with bans lifted everywhere. I still can’t pull myself away from the app!

Favorite Live Moment:
My favorite live moment would have to be during my PKs. Going head-to-head with an opponent and battling it out to see who gets more gifts is a great thrill if you’re a thrill seeker. Every second counts and anything unexpected can happen.

Ideal Last Meal on Earth:
I’m super greedy, so I would pick something like a buffet so I can taste everything one last time

Acting, reading, and seeking new thrills

Rasta Empress

Admin / Cooking & Lifestyle

10K Fans | 7M Beans | 3M Diamonds

Experience Live Streaming:
I’ve live streamed for over three years. During this time, I have met a lot of like-minded individuals and have helped others with my knowledge of healthy eating. Live streaming has let me showcase my skills and make good friends.

Favorite Live Moment:
My favorite live moments are being part of the live house and watching the many talent shows from other broadcasters.

Ideal Last Meal on Earth:
My ideal last meal on earth is a tropical fruit salad, vegan curry, Caribbean coleslaw, coco bread, grilled avocado with a slice of caramel cakes, and sour sop juice to wash it down.

Doing hair, learning historical things, traveling with family, and creating mixed drinks



We want to make you a better streamer and teach you everything you need to know to be successful on BIGO. We believe education has the most impact when you received focused guidance directly from your mentors.

Audition Do's and Dont's

Expert Coaching

We provide you with constructive feedback

Monthly Incentives

We motivate you along the way to keep you excited

Awards & Morale

We hold in-app events & competitions

Full Transparency

We keep you informed of all BIGO updates & releases

1:1 Attention

We are 100% invested
into YOU & your success

Peace of Mind

Let us handle things behind the scenes

therealdjkiddoHost | Houston, TX

Vivid Visions is well put together. Everything you need to know about hosting is at a click of a button. I truly believe I am in the best agency on the app and I say it all the time! My vision is vivid!

theblockHost | San Fransico, CA

Vivid Visions not only is the best agency because of the knowledge and experience they offer but they really guide and motivate you to tap into your best potential as a broadcaster. I didn’t even know how to go live but after working with Vivid Visions I’m on my way to becoming a brand ambassador. The benefits are limitless when your vision is vivid

FireNAirHost | Palmbay, FL

Vivid Visions is an amazing agency. If you have any questions there is always someone there with an answer for you. They always have some kind of training going on for new and old hosts to know how the app works. My vision is vivid visions thank you so very much for letting me be a part of this agency.

kd1000Host | Atlanta, GA

I feel like this agency is very informative and very supportive. I get all the tools I need to be successful on this app this agency has never let me down and I have been a host with this agency for almost 2 years.

Beauty2020Host | Philly, PA

I have been a host with Vivid Visions for 2 years. Choosing an agency is definitely a very important piece when becoming a host. There are many agencies to choose from but I am so glad I chose Vivid Visions because OUR agent supports his hosts and has some of the BEST admins within the agency that support us as well! ~MY VISION IS VIVID~

Live Streaming Made Easy

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